About Me

Hey, nice to meet you. My name is Jon Roberts.

I was lucky enough to be raised in Laguna Beach, California. I've been to school in San Francisco, San Diego, and places in between. I've met a lot of cool people, and seen some rad places along the way.

My work focuses on capturing a moment in time. Whether it's portraiture, landscape photography, or just the perfect light. I'd love to help you with any of your photo needs.

I enjoy collaborating with fellow artists and muses as well. Get in touch with me by emailing me at jon@justrowstudios.com or hit the contact tab to discuss rates, scheduling and more.

Talk soon.


Select Clients: Lovestitch, Salt Optics, San Lorenzo Bikinis, Cami and Jax, Raen Sunglasses, Kumu, Raptor Jewelry, Whiskeysmith, Nati Boutique, and more.

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